Guitar Accelerator Song of the Month – Sweep Picking with Fisher’s Hornpipe


For this month’s Guitar Accelerator Song of the Month, we will look at a piece of moderate difficulty that uses lots of sweep picking.  What you will love about this piece is it sounds impressive on guitar and won’t take you long to learn.

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Lead Guitar Basics – How to Learn Guitar Solos Fast Part 2


In Lead Guitar Basics – How to Learn Guitar Solos Fast Part 1, we began our look at an effective way to learn guitar songs and solos faster.  In this tutorial, we look at some ways to apply the technique of chunking to an actual song.

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Lead Guitar Solo Myth-Buster and A Cool Way to Create Your Own Unique Guitar Solos

lead guitar

Have you ever wondered how your favourite guitar players create those super-cool guitar solos?

You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re those guitar solos that give you goose bumps every time you hear them.

The good news is it’s not all magic, natural musical talent, or even musical genius that is required. It comes down to knowing what to practice every time you play guitar.

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Play Guitar: Cool Lead Guitar Technique Workout – Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto Number 5

8th notes

A great way to improve your alternate picking is to work on a song that focuses on this very important lead guitar technique. J. S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto Number 5, first movement, is a great alternate picking workout for the intermediate to advanced lead guitar player.

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