Lead Guitar Basics – How to Learn Guitar Solos Fast Part 2


In Lead Guitar Basics – How to Learn Guitar Solos Fast Part 1, we began our look at an effective way to learn guitar songs and solos faster.  In this tutorial, we look at some ways to apply the technique of chunking to an actual song.

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How to Buy Guitar Sheet Music, Songbooks, or Tab and Not Get Ripped Off

How to Buy Guitar Tab and Sheet Music and Not Get Ripped Off

With so many different types of sheet music and tab available, it’s all too common for beginning guitar players to buy the wrong sheet music/tab. With the wrong type of sheet music, no matter what you do, at best you will only sound a bit like the song. Here’s how to buy guitar tab sheet music so you can get the results you want…

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Forget Memory Lapses and Performance Anxiety – Here’s a Guitar Tab Song Technique for Total Recall

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Has this ever happened to you? You start playing a guitar song and suddenly you can not remember what comes next. Read on to discover how to eliminate guitar song memory lapses.

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