A Great Way to Improve Your Finger Reach on Guitar

Guitar fret-hand finger stretching exercise

Having a hard time stretching on the guitar?

You are not alone. It’s very common for guitar players to have difficulty performing certain stretches on the guitar.

The good news is improving your reach on the guitar is well within your reach. It’s just like any other technique on the guitar. If you work on it with the right exercises, you can improve it.

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Play Better Guitar with this String Skipping Piece


Want to improve your string skipping and stretching abilities on guitar? Want to learn a fun song too? Then you’ve come to the right place. Ostinelli’s Reel is an old-time country fiddle tune that sounds great on guitar. This short … Continue reading

Want to Play Better Country, Rock, Blues, Folk, or Jazz Guitar?


Want to play better guitar? Whether you play country, rock, folk, blues, or jazz, here’s a fun song that sounds great on guitar and will help improve your overall guitar technique. This piece, called the “City of Savannah Hornpipe”, covers … Continue reading

Announcing The Top 30 Most Powerful Guitar Technique Exercises of All Time

Top 30 Most Powerful Guitar Technique Exercises of All Time

Very few guitar players know the secrets of how to practice for maximum results. Most players that know these secrets want them to remain TOP SECRET! Until now…

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Guitar Lesson: A Great Guitar Technique Building Song

F major scale 5th position

Today we will apply alternate picking, sweep picking and string skipping guitar techniques to a fun bluegrass piece from the 1800’s called “Jack Lamson’s Hornpipe”.

This piece offers quite a lot for guitar players. As I mentioned, the song is fun to play and works well at all tempos.

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