Play Better Guitar with this String Skipping Piece

Want to improve your string skipping and stretching abilities on guitar?

Want to learn a fun song too?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Ostinelli’s Reel is an old-time country fiddle tune that sounds great on guitar.

This short piece is in two sections that each repeat.

The first section of this piece is played in 5th position on the guitar. (If you are not sure how fret-hand positions and fingerings work on guitar, check out one of my previous blog posts called: “Want to Play Better Country, Rock, Blues or Jazz Guitar?“)

The second section is played in 9th position.

The fret-hand fingering for this piece at times breaks some of the fingering rules discussed in my “Want to Play Better Country, Rock, Blues or Jazz Guitar?” post.

The reasons for the deviations from the fingering standards are due to the string skips and in some cases, fingerings are changed in preparation of a stretch.

The best way to show the fingerings for this song is to actually map them out for the entire piece.  That is exactly what you will find in the sheet music for this song.  Above the standard notation, you will find the fret-hand fingers indicated.

So there you go.  Here’s the link to the sheet music for Ostinelli’s Reel Arranged for Guitar in Tab.

Ostinelli's Reel Arranged for Guitar in Tab and Standard Notation

By the way, this piece is excerpted from one of my newest book releases, The Ultimate Guitar EDGE. So if you are looking for more great ways to improve your guitar playing, check out my new course, The Ultimate Guitar EDGE.

Have fun!

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