Guitar Tutorial: 6 Simple and Effective Stretching Exercises

Finger stretches are often required for performing scales, chords and songs.

The following exercises will help promote flexibility and stretching capability in your fret-hand.

It is best to perform some warm-up alternate picking and hammer-on/pull-off exercises before you begin the stretching exercises—this means that your muscles will be warm.  The most effective stretching occurs when muscles are warm.

The stretching exercises presented here should first be performed with alternate picking.  Once you begin to find the stretches relatively easy to perform, you should then begin to play these exercises as hammer-ons and pull-offs.

The next step is to increase the actual stretch.  If the stretch is one fret, make it two frets; if the stretch is three frets, make it four frets, etc.

As you move each exercise up the fretboard it will get easier to perform the stretches because the frets get smaller.

Each of the exercises shown here begin on the first fret.  If you find the stretch very difficult to perform you can begin the exercise on the fifth, sixth or seventh frets, etc.  Also, you can decrease the required inter-finger stretch by one fret or more if required.

Remember, when you stretch you should stretch only to the point of mild discomfort and then back off a little.  Remember, stretching will not increase your flexibility if you experience any pain.

Stretching Exercise # 1

This exercise uses fingers one and two.  The stretch is one fret.  Remember to practice these exercises on each fret.

Stretching Exercise # 2

This exercise uses fingers one and three.

Stretching Exercise # 3

This exercise uses fingers one and four.

Stretching Exercise # 4

This exercise uses fingers two and three.

Stretching Exercise # 5

This exercise uses fingers two and four.

Stretching Exercise # 6

This exercise uses fingers three and four.

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