Lead Guitar Solos: 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Unique Guitar Solos

Lead Guitar

How to Solo on Guitar. One of the biggest questions I get from guitar students is, “How do I get my own style?” Here are 5 tips for getting started on creating your own unique guitar style.

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How to Add Variety to Your Guitar Solos with a Cool Japanese Minor Pentatonic Scale Part 2

A Hirajoshi in groups of 4

Today we look at additional ways to practice the Hirajoshi scale, a chord vamp that you can use to practice soloing with this scale, and we will look at creating your own guitar solo with this scale.

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At Last! Randy Rhoads’ “Crazy Train” Isolated Track with Guitar Solo

Wow, this is really cool. The Metal Den has come across an isolated guitar track of Crazy Train from Ozzy Osbourne’s album the Blizzard of Ozz featuring the late great Randy Rhoads. If you love to play this song or … Continue reading