How 3 Rings Can Improve Your Guitar Playing


Here we focus on something very important for guitar players of all levels.

What’s really interesting about this important topic is that it is rarely discussed. And surprisingly, even when guitarists learn about it, it’s usually cast aside as one of those things to do later. The main reason for this is because most guitarists underestimate just how powerful this simple thing is. Once guitarists try it, they notice consistent improvement in their playing.

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Play Guitar: Play Yankee Doodle on Guitar – Chords and Melody in Tab

In honour of the upcoming President’s Day, I thought I’d provide you with a free arrangement to Yankee Doodle. This is excerpted from my course called the Top 10 Most Popular Patriotic Guitar Songs of All Time. This arrangement includes … Continue reading

Play Guitar: Auld Lang Syne with Only 3 Guitar Chords

G C D with fingerings

With the new year just around the corner,  I’m sure you’ll be hearing Auld Lang Syne a few times. If you play guitar or are just learning to play guitar, you may have toyed with the idea of playing Auld … Continue reading