Playing Rhythm Guitar: Basics Part 7 – Understanding Eighth Notes

counting 8th notes fi

When you play rhythm guitar, some of the most common rhythms you will encounter use eighth notes.

In this tutorial we begin our look at the basics of eighth notes.

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Playing Rhythm Guitar: Basics Part 4 – Understanding Quarter Notes

Quarter note in rhythmic notation

In the Rhythm Guitar Basics Parts 1-3 tutorials, we looked at whole notes and half notes and basic strumming patterns on the guitar.

In this tutorial, we turn our attention to the quarter note.

The Quarter Note

The quarter note receives one beat in 4/4 time.

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How to Play Scotland the Brave on Guitar

left hand guitar fingering indications

Here’s a quick walk through for Scotland the Brave in guitar tab, chords and standard notation. To make the chords easy for the beginning guitarist, I’ve transcribed the song in the key of A major.

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Play Guitar: Play Yankee Doodle on Guitar – Chords and Melody in Tab

In honour of the upcoming President’s Day, I thought I’d provide you with a free arrangement to Yankee Doodle. This is excerpted from my course called the Top 10 Most Popular Patriotic Guitar Songs of All Time. This arrangement includes … Continue reading