How to Improve Your Guitar Memory with the Two “A” Words


So whether you are trying to learn a new chord, scale or even some guitar theory; today we will look at something you can start using right now to improve your guitar memory and learn guitar faster.

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Lead Guitar Solos: 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Unique Guitar Solos

Lead Guitar

How to Solo on Guitar. One of the biggest questions I get from guitar students is, “How do I get my own style?” Here are 5 tips for getting started on creating your own unique guitar style.

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Announcing The Top 30 Most Powerful Guitar Technique Exercises of All Time

Top 30 Most Powerful Guitar Technique Exercises of All Time

Very few guitar players know the secrets of how to practice for maximum results. Most players that know these secrets want them to remain TOP SECRET! Until now…

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Lead Guitar Technique: How to Break Free from Pentatonic Scales to Create Your Own Cool Guitar Solos Part 1

A minor pent vs A minor scale fingerings

Making the transition from soloing with pentatonic scales to major and minor scales can be tricky. Today we will look at an easy first step to adding major and minor scales into your soloing.

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How to Make Guitar New Year’s Resolutions You Will Keep

january 1

As the New Year approaches, many guitar players and aspiring guitar players will be setting New Year’s resolutions.

But let’s face it: Most people have a hard time keeping their resolutions.

If there was a simple and effective way to improve your chances of keeping your resolutions and it only takes a few minutes to do, would you be interested?

If so read on…

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Guitar Practice Checklist: The Top 10 Things You Must Have to Not Waste Guitar Practice Time

Guitar Practice Checklist

One of the keys to getting the most out of your practice sessions is to make sure you don’t waste any of valuable practice time. Here is checklist to help save you time…

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