Simple and Effective Guitar Flexibility and Finger Stretching Exercise

stretching exercise diagram 3

Does it sometimes feel like you are trying to play guitar with boxing gloves on? Well, if you’re suffering from what I call Boxing Glove Syndrome (BGS), here’s one simple and effective cure…

Today we are going to look at a simple and effective finger stretching and flexibility exercise.

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A Guitar Lesson Technique For Massive Results From Every Practice Session


The results you get every time you play guitar will ultimately determine your skill level on the guitar and how fast you will move to the next level.

This means to become the monster guitar player you want to be, you must get maximum results every time you play guitar.

What is the best way to do this?

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Play Guitar: Don J MacLean’s Guitar Lessons in 50 Countries and Growing!

I’m really excited! I checked my records and discovered that I hit a new milestone. Tonight in 50 countries around the world, people play guitar using the methods outlined in my guitar lessons. My newest student is learning to play … Continue reading

Welcome to the Guitar Accelerator Blog!

Over the next few weeks you’ll see the Guitar Accelerator Blog grow exponentially.  Here you will find the ultimate online resource to improve your guitar playing.  You’ll find lots of guitar lessons on this blog and on the home Guitar … Continue reading