At Last! Randy Rhoads’ “Crazy Train” Isolated Track with Guitar Solo

Wow, this is really cool.

The Metal Den has come across an isolated guitar track of Crazy Train from Ozzy Osbourne’s album the Blizzard of Ozz featuring the late great Randy Rhoads.

If you love to play this song or have always wanted to play it, you’ve got to check out this isolated guitar track.

I remember when I was first learning to play guitar, this was the third guitar solo I learned.  I don’t remember exactly how long it took me to learn the song and guitar solo, but I do remember practically locking myself in my room for weeks learning and practicing it.

Man if I would have had this isolated track back then!

Here’s the link for the isolated Crazy Train guitar track.

By the way, they’ve also got an isolated track for Mr Crowley, also from the Blizzard of Ozz album.  This too is another classic guitar song and guitar solo .  Here is the link for the Mr Crowley isolated guitar track.

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