3 Tips to Play Better Guitar this Year

3 Tips to Play Better Guitar this Year

This is finally going to be your year, isn’t it?  You’ve decided.  You are going improve your guitar playing this year.  No more excuses.  You just want to play better guitar.

The catch of course is time.

How can you become the guitarist you want to be, when getting time for guitar is a challenge?  Is it even realistic?

Well, the good news is you can improve your guitar playing this year.  How fast you will do it, and how big of an improvement comes down to three key factors.

As you read on, you will discover how just one of these factors can make you 1,100% more likely to reach your guitar goals…

1.  Set your guitar goals.

Everyone has heard about the importance of setting goals.  Researchers have been studying goal setting since the 1960’s.  These research studies, with over 40,000 participants, have shown conclusively that goal setting works.target-small

But if goal setting works, then why doesn’t everybody do it?

Simple.  It takes a bit of work to set goals.  Also, for many people, it’s a bit scary to write down goals.  What happens if you don’t achieve your goals?  Well, the world won’t actually end.  It just means that you didn’t achieve your goals—yet.

But here’s the thing, the very act of thinking about your goals and writing them down, will actually move you closer to achieving them, than not writing them down.  I know this sounds a bit crazy, but the very act of writing down your goals actually increases the chances you’ll achieve them.

Most people don’t write down their goals.  They usually keep them in their head.  The problem is that when goals are not written down, it’s very unlikely they will ever be achieved.  One study found that a year after making New Year’s resolutions, only 4% who made resolutions had stuck with their goals.

Now here is the really interesting thing…

Of those that did write out their resolutions, 44% had followed through and stuck with their New Year’s resolutions one year later.  This means the simple act of writing out goals or resolutions increases the chances that you will achieve them by 1,100%.  So, can you really afford to not write out your guitar goals?

To help you set effective guitar goals, you will want to read an article I wrote on effective goal setting for guitarists.  You can read the article here:  How to Make Guitar New Year’s Resolutions You Will Keep

2. Practice smarter, not harder.

If you are like most guitarists, you probably don’t get enough time to play all the guitar you want.  When you are short on time, you need to get the most you can out of your guitar playing sessions.

When I see what most guitarists do in their practice sessions, I’m usually shocked.  Most guitarists don’t know how to practice for maximum results.  This means practice time is not very effective, or at worst, a waste of time.

So how do you practice for maximum results and have tons of fun too?  You can learn exactly how to do that here:

The EDGE: Maximum Guitar Results in Minimum Time


3. Learn from an expert.  If you want to improve your guitar playing fast, it means you don’t have any time to waste.  You don’t want to have to relearn things two or three times before you finally learn them correct.  Why take the long way when you can learn the right way the first time?  When you try to learn guitar on your own, the problem is you don’t know what you don’t know.  This means you won’t know what you should learn first, second and third.  Also, you won’t know the most effective ways to learn whatever it is you are working on.

So if you are serious about improving your guitar playing right now, then you will want to get started on one of my proven accelerated guitar learning courses.  Go here now to discover the most effective ways to improve your guitar playing…Guitar Accelerator: Accelerated Guitar Learning.



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