Valentine’s Day Song for Guitar: Romance Anonimo


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you might be looking for a special gift for that very special someone. If you’re tired of the typical Valentine’s Day gifts and would love to do something more personal, why not a guitar serenade? … Continue reading

Play Guitar: How to Finger-Pick Part 3

fingerpicking hand

In today’s guitar lesson we will now look at finger-picking patterns that use strings 5-3-2-1. Finger-style Exercise # 7 5-1-2-3 p-a-m-i Finger-style Exercise # 8 5-1-3-2 p-a-i-m Finger-style Exercise # 9 5-2-1-3 p-m-a-i Finger-style Exercise # 10 5-2-3-1 p-m-i-a Finger-style … Continue reading