Creating Your Own Guitar Solos: From Scale to Solo

Measure 1 - Creating your own guitar solos

Creating your own guitar solos is tons of fun and can become extremely addicting.

For many beginning improvisers though, going from a scale fingering to a full-blown guitar solo seems like a mysterious, confusing and daunting task.

In this article we are going to remove some of this mystery. But before we get started, we need to clear something up…

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Paganini’s Perpetual Motion for Better Lead Guitar Technique

Niccolo Paganini

Want to play better lead guitar? One of the keys to playing better lead guitar is having good solid technique. The better your guitar playing skills are, the wider your improvisational possibilities become. And of course, the better your playing is, the faster you’ll learn your favourite songs note-for-note. In today’s tutorial we will look at a guitar arrangement for a violin piece written by Nicolo Paganini (1782-1840) called Perpetual Motion (Moto Perpetuo, Perpetuum Mobile).

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Lead Guitar Solos: 5 Tips for Creating Your Own Unique Guitar Solos

Lead Guitar

How to Solo on Guitar. One of the biggest questions I get from guitar students is, “How do I get my own style?” Here are 5 tips for getting started on creating your own unique guitar style.

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Lead Guitar Technique: How to Break Free from Pentatonic Scales to Create Your Own Cool Guitar Solos Part 1

A minor pent vs A minor scale fingerings

Making the transition from soloing with pentatonic scales to major and minor scales can be tricky. Today we will look at an easy first step to adding major and minor scales into your soloing.

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